Oman's Message of Peace

History of the Global Tolerance Exhibition

Opening of the exhibition at valletta, Malta - 2014

Project Background: Concept and Evolution.

In 2009 the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs in Oman, in cooperation with Arabia Felix Synform GmbH in Munich, conceived the idea to produce an exhibition about the religious life in the Sultanate of Oman, entitled “Religious Tolerance: Islam in Oman.”

The aim of the project of the Ministry is to promote interfaith dialogue, with special emphasis on religious tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

The concept unites western and Omani perspectives, thus making the exhibition interesting for an international audience with the most varied cultural background.

The exhibition provides insight into Islam's role in the daily life of a modern Arab society. It consists of printed matter, 3D objects and digital media. The heart of the exhibition are 24 full-color information panels. Facsimile prints of ancient manuscripts and various artifacts enrich the setting. Shadow art, calligraphy and film add an artistic level to the exhibition. Multimedia terminals allow visitors to read the panels in other languages and inform themselves on various topics in more elaborate detail.

Documentation 132 exhibitions April 2010 through March 2020
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By March 2020 the total number of exhibitions presented reached 132 in 39 countries, with more slated for the future. The panels were translated into 27 languages and the documentary film “Religious Tolerance in Oman” into 24 languages.

The exhibition has been hosted at a variety of institutions - adult education centers, universities, city halls, libraries, UN and UNESCO headquarters, government ministries, museums of renown - and used as a focal point in meetings, conferences, and special events, all relating to interfaith dialogue and all promoting Oman's message of religious tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

Oman's Message of Islam - A Short Video

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