Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence - Oman's Message of Peace

The Sultanate of Oman has been sharing its peaceful philosophy at home and abroad for centuries. Oman's Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has been promoting interfaith dialogue for decades... Read here the Minister's Message ➤

Kids at a Tolerance Exhibition

Educating the Youth

Educational activities with children as part of our touring exhibition, help introduce the historical background and traditions of the peaceful coexistence in Oman. The integration of values as religious tolerance and respect for other cultures in educational textbooks and school curricula is essential to the nation's prosperous future.

Omani Woman in the Lab

Role of Women in the Society

Omani women enjoy full political rights. Like men, they are considered an effective part of the society. There is no gender pay gap in Oman. They are elected to parliament, hold all sorts of offices, serve in the military, make up almost half of government employees and represent Oman as ambassadors. Women also work at all levels in the private sector.

Prayer in a Church in Oman

Peaceful Coexistence

Today, a multitude of followers of different religions live peacefully in Oman, as the state guarantees freedom of religious rites for citizens and residents alike. The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs looks after the various religious communities in Oman, and provides them with the necessary facilities to freely practice their religious rites.


The initiative "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence - Oman's Message of Islam" in numbers...





Panels of the Tolerance Exhibition

Islam in Oman

Neither Sword ... nor Flame

The notion, widespread in the West, that Islam only spread through the use of violence is contradicted by the example of Oman...

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Fostering Coexistence

For many years the government of Oman has been promoting interfaith dialogue to foster religious tolerance, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence on a global scale.

Muscat Harbour in 1900

Tolerance through History

Many reports and letters of travellers and diplomats demonstrate that Oman practices its peaceful philosophy for centuries.

Church Prayers in Oman

Mutual Understanding

There are Christian churches of various sects in Muscat and Salalah, with temples for Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists as well.

Kids enjoying the coloring book

Educatinal Activities

The inclusion of religious tolerance and respect for other cultures in textbooks and curricula has long been a reality in Oman.

Global Terrorism Index

Countering Terrorism

Sultanate of Oman is actively participating in combating any form of terrorism and sectarian fanaticism, whatever its source.

Oman Flag

Diplomatic Efforts

Oman has over the years played an important role as a diplomatic bridge between many countries to defuse conflicts.

A Stamp from Zanzibar promoting Peace between Religions

Religious Tolerance in Zanzibar

The Omani rulers who were based in Zanzibar were known to be open and tolerant toward Christians in East Africa.

Our Global Tolerance Exhibition

In 2009, Ministry of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs in Oman, in cooperation with Arabia Felix Synform in Munich, conceived the idea to organize an exhibition about religious life in Oman.. read more about the story of our Touring Exhibition ➤

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Oman's Message of Islam - A Short Video
watch this video about concept, aim & development of our touring exhibition ➤

International Global Resonance

The Omani initiative "Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence - Oman's Message of Islam" is gaining a huge amount of international resonance and compliments around the world. Find out how the others have seen our initiative ➤

Dr. Rowan Williams

Dr. Rowan Williams

Former Archbishop of Canterbury; UK

It is good that this exhibition can highlight the vital importance of religious freedom in a world where such freedom is so often not respected.
Mrs. Nadha Al-Nashif

Mrs. Nadha Al-Nashif

Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights of the UN

I am sure that this exhibition will nurture our determinations to pursue a more peaceful and just world.
HE Dr. George Vella

HE Dr. George Vella

President of the Republic of Malta

The exhibition comes at a very important time, as violence and extremism prevail throughout the world, confirming the need for tolerance, understanding and coexistence.
Mr. Christian Manhart

Mr. Christian Manhart

UNESCO Representative to Nepal

The exhibition aims at promoting interfaith dialogue, mutual understanding and peaceful co-existence.
Mr. Meinrad Hörwick

Mr. Meinrad Hörwick

Catholic Church School Board Augsburg, Germany

This exhibition stimulates discussions which are worth having, and it opens new perspectives for us on the religion of Islam and our life together, whether global or local.
HE Mr. Mohamed Sameh Amr

HE Mr. Mohamed Sameh Amr

Former Ambassador of Egypt to UNESCO

Exhibitions like this one help to shed light on the diversity of the world’s peoples.

Growing a Network for Peace

“Tolerance, Understanding, Coexistence - Oman's Message of Islam” links together more and more people who support the idea of religious tolerance, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence. Get to know some of our partners ➤

National Library Board, Singapore
St. Philip’s Centre Leicester, UK
Al Amana Centre Muscat, Oman
Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme
Korea Foundation, Korea
United Religions Initiative
Gasteig Culture Center Munich, Germany
University of Waikato, New Zealand
Griffith University, Australia
Museum of World Religions, Taiwan
Palazzo Reale Milano, Italy
Foundation for Religious Sciences Bologna, Italy
Association Coexister Paris, France

Towards United Human Values

The Omani initiative “Towards United Human Values” is considered as an important initial step towards defining shared beliefs and bridging cultural gaps, as an essential element to peace, security and development. Discover more about this new Omani initiative ➤

Towards United Human Values - The Logo